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My Vacation Tracker

Plan, Schedule, Track, Calculate and Get Statistics
for Vacations and Leaves

Keep track of any types of vacations and leaves for your company and staffs.

My Vacation Tracker Personal/Professional/Enterprise Edition Overview

  • Define Custom Vacation and Leave Types

We know each company has different vacation/leave types and now you can input unlimited vacation/leave types according to your company's HR policy. You can also specify a different color for each type. Learn More.learn more

  • Calculate Accrual Entitlement According to Your Company's HR Policy

We support the following options for accrual entitlement calculation: by natural year, by each employee's enrollment anniversary and by your company's fiscal year. Learn More.learn more

  • Track Vacation/Leave Days or Hours

Input the vacation entitlement and leave entitlement for each staff for each year or a default vacation/sick leave entitlement for all years. Then My Vacation Tracker will calculate all scheduled vacations/leaves and all remaining vacations/leaves for any year. Learn More.learn more

  • Make Plans on an Intuitive Chart with Legend

It is so clear that you can know what the plans in a glance! Different color to stand for vacations and leaves. You can specify different colors for each type of plans. When you don't know what type the plan is, move your mouse and a hint will show up with all details. What's more, click the "Legend" button on the toolbar to see the legend anytime you want! Learn More.learn more

  • Print Different Kinds of Reports, and Export any Report to PDF Documents

You can print a chart report and a list report as you need. Get a nicely printed report in your hand. A3, A4, letter and legal paper sizes are supported for any report. What's more, export your report to PDF files and publish them on your web site. Learn More.learn more

  • Drag & Drop or Resize to Reschedule

No need to re-enter the planning details, no need to delete then create a former one if you want to re-plan any plan. Just use your mouse to "Drag & Drop" and "Resize" to adjust the plan easily. Learn More.learn more

  • Enhanced Security

You can enable or disable the login feature. When it is enabled, a login dialog will appear when you launch My Vacation Tracker. You need to input a valid user account (user name and password) before you can use it. And you can create unlimited user accounts. Learn More.learn more

  • Vacation Calculator

A powerful vacation calculator is available since V2. Specify any vacation/leave type or just specify all types, specify a single staff or a single department or just all staffs, specify a single year or multiple years, then My Vacation Tracker will get you the statistics of entitlement, used and remaining days/hours according to the criteria you set. What's more, when your criteria involves multiple staffs, a break down detail for each staff is available, as well as all plans within the range you specified. Learn More.learn more